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Used Cars Are Nicer, Newer Cars at Key Hyundai Connecticut

September 13, 2011
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Finding the perfect car for you at Key Hyundai

We’ve been selling cars like candy bars from our hustle & bustle Key Hyundai of Milford, and yes, it’s business full-steam ahead at we’re-open-for-business while under construction Key Hyundai of Manchester.

The Elantras and Sonatas are hot-hot-hot, and Accents are crazy popular as well. Can’t beat the 40 MPG, everybody loves the safety rating – everybody, that is, except Toyota and Honda (and Subaru and Chevy and Ford….), so doesn’t take much selling to sell those babies!

But here’s what you may not know: every used – I mean previously owned Key Certified vehicle on our lot is a nicer newer car to somebody, somewhere.

The skinny on buying a new, or gently used, or really, really used car:

While many, many Key Hyundai customers are looking for that award-winning Hyundai, many, many, many more are looking for a reliable, safe vehicle that gets them where they need to be at a cost that fits their wallet.

And those cars come in many shapes and sizes, and price tags and mileage. And so do customer wallets.

A nicer, newer car to somebody. Maybe. Or maybe not!

So a 100k odometer “winter-beater” that some may scoff their shoes at, is a nicer newer car to a customer that desperately needs to get to a job, school, or family member. Key Certified previously owned vehicles are the answer to so many, many customer dilemmas. We have the car to meet their need. And you can drive them confidently where you need to go.

A nicer newer car is in the eye of the beholder.

And while they look like different cars to different people, Key Hyundai certainly has the car to fit your needs; solve your automotive problem, and get you on your way. (and it won’t be in a Gremlin like this one…altho it is a nicer newer car to somebody!!)

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