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We Got our First Genesis Coupe at Key Hyundai

March 27, 2009

I pulled up to Key Hyundai of Manchester today to see our first Genesis Coupe. And, it is amazingly beautiful. When I walked in our resident tuner, Jon Buttero told me that if I could get 30 Genesis Coupes for him he could sell them all. This car has the buzz attached to it. Our first sale is a customer ordered Genesis Coupe for our friend Jeff and CIP Motorsports in Milford, CT. Jeff is an after-market parts guy and a racer. He is going to tune his Genesis Coupe and race it this summer. Visit Jeff at www.genracer.com We’ve heard that some CT Hyundai dealers aren’t allowing customers to test drive the Genesis Coupe but that is not the case here at Key Hyundai of Manchester. So, to test drive the Genesis Coupe, come down to Key Hyundai of Manchester or visit us on the web at www.driveworryfree.com Thanks for making us CT’s Hyundai dealer servicing Enfield Hyundai buyers, Hartford Hyundai buyers, and all CT Hyundai buyers inbetween.

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