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Why the Little Things Matter When You’re the Dealer For The People

January 22, 2013

jill merriam shares Key Hyundai success in details

Buying a car in Connecticut shouldn’t be so hard, and at Key Hyundai, we make it our absolute priority to provide the automotive solutions you need in a fast, friendly, and convenient setting.

And after being the Connecticut Dealer For The People for so many years, I’ve found HUGE success in the tiniest of details.

I often talk up Disney, because their working environment and business model is the perfect mirror for me to help anyone looking for a nicer, newer car find what they need and would love to drive.

Here, let me explain:

It’s usually the tiniest things that matter most: hot coffee, free Wi-Fi, clean cars, smiling, friendly folks ready to help you get you into that nicer, newer car.

Here in Milford and Manchester at Connecticut Key Hyundai, we really do mirror our every day activity around Disney World, of all the magical places. Not because of Mickey, Minnie and Goofy, but more because of the practical placement of garbage cans, the impeccable on stage and off stage behavior, and how if all the little things work well, then business magically takes care of itself.

Take a listen here, to see how important it is to manage the details, without micromanaging the business.

It’s smart business to pay attention to the details, and leads to customer service that makes a huge difference. At Key Hyundai, this Dealer For The People makes sure the smallest details are never overlooked for Connecticut customers looking for a new or used car.

Providing solutions in a detailed oriented business leads to customer satisfaction and repeat business.

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