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Blowing the Doors Off Customer Service

April 18, 2012
Key Hyundai FTC customer service complaints

Jill Merriam and family

Customer service is expected for all industries, but I am committed to making it the be all and end all at Key Hyundai.

I travel a lot for work, but recently had the chance for a little R&R with my husband and two gorgeous kids in Boston. A small snafu happened while we tried to juggle overtired kids and equally exhausted parents, is exactly the kind of customer service that makes customers (even overworked, tired travel veterans like myself) stand up and say WOW! You did that for me?

Here’s what happened on our trip to Boston, and it’s exactly why I am committed to above and beyond customer service at every opportunity at Key Hyundai.

Have you ever experienced a WOW customer service moment? What happened and where? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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