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Buying new or used at Key Hyundai is Priority Experience

August 29, 2012

Key Hyundai and Customer Priority ExperienceYou can learn a lot about folks once you take the time to really listen.

If you’re buying a first car, a reliable used car for a recent high school graduate looking for a safe way to get to community college, or a brand spanking new Genesis to a high-flying business exec looking to impress clients, or a safe, 40 MPG sedan for a growing family, it pays to listen.

It’s what the customer is saying about their life that matters: their lifestyle, their problems, their ambitions and goals. Solution Providers at Key Hyundai listen, then figure out the best way to help them get what they need – no matter what it is.

We spent a lot of time talking all about this and more at the Hyundai Priority Experience meeting that involved every single person employed by Key Hyundai. We talked about customer core values, which are basically the same for all of us human beings, don’t you think?

Time, Honesty, Integrity, Respect, & Appreciation

I just have to share the outcome of the most awesome team meeting of all our Key Hyundai solution providers.

This meeting was a big deal: Hyundai corporate visited us to share their mission and vision with every member of our team. They presented the challenge to meet the customer’s needs, then Defy, Design, and Delight them beyond compare.

And guess what?

We are already doing just that! Just take a listen here, and I’ll give you a quick review!


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