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Delivering My Key Hyundai FTC Complaints Message to CT Car Customers

March 15, 2012
Jill addresses FTC concerns over Key Hyundai

At the beginning of my long day!

A few months back, I was contacted by the FTC as one of a few car dealers nationwide cited for deceptive advertising: we did not having the appropriate disclaimer on two Key Hyundai YouTube videos that mirrored a now defunct tv campaign. They called it deceptive advertising, and without the disclaimer, they are absolutely right, and we were in 100% error and took immediate action to correct it. Took me a while to realize which videos they were referring to, because we LOVE the radio, and do not use YouTube for advertising all that much. But, regardless, we immediately pulled them down as requested.

Most of our videos reflect the goings on in our community and at our dealership, or provide insights and stories about being a working mom, small business owner who just happens to know a whole lot about cars. “Advertising” videos are not what we do. We do so love the radio – that we do and do often!

But those videos inadvertently did not have the disclaimer on them, and even though they were only two videos of about 50 at the time, we immediately took them down, and opened our advertising doors to all FTC and legal and anyone else who wants to take a look, review, comment and critique. That’s it. Story over.

Until this week when the government released the details.

The missing disclaimer caused an uproar, and honestly, while I know intellectually the error does not fit the press, the fact that my integrity is questioned is what is most bothersome. Yes, I sell cars, but more importantly, our team finds the appropriate solution to whatever is stopping people from getting transportation to get them where they need to be: work, home, family, doctors, school.

I’m proud of the extensive training, attention to detail, massive skill set and exhaustive research we go through to help find automotive solutions to every specific situation we encounter, not all of which can be covered in a 60 second radio spot, or a 3 minute YouTube video. Life is just not that concise.

It’s not easy, but my team at Key Hyundai are ethical, honest pros that successfully help Connecticut get behind the wheel of what they want to drive. It’s my mission statement that I infuse into everything we do at Key Hyundai.

Here is a quick video response of why I stand by our message: we will continue to provide solutions and not push products, and get you in a nicer, newer car you can afford to drive. I hope you will reach out and share your comments, concerns, and thoughts. I am Jill Merriam, and I am the Dealer For The People.

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