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Dirty Trick Free Zone: Episode #3 – Silly Bandz Craze vs. Hybrid Craze

May 18, 2010

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9-2k9bLzvs]  In today’s episode of the Dirty Trick Free Zone, I talk about the Silly Bandz craze and how it relates to crazes in the automotive industry.  Most of my social research takes place at my Kindergarten’s bus-stop.  The other day, there was a flurry of conversation about Silly Bandz.  For those of you not in the pop culture know, Silly Bandz are rubber bracelets in different shapes that the kids are going crazy for!  So, why is a car dealer talking about Silly Bandz?  Well, I think that it’s in interesting study in crazes and fads.  And, there is no industry more affected by crazes and fads than the auto industry.  Just about a year ago, gas prices skyrocketed and everyone wanted out of their SUVs.  The prices of SUVs plummeted and you couldn’t give them away.  Hybrids were like gold and we couldn’t keep Hyundai Accents and Hyundai Elantras in stock.  Everyone said that America’s desire for better gas mileage cars is here to stay.  Well, that wasn’t true.  The minute gas prices fell below $2.00 a gallon, American’s flocked back to SUVs.  The prices of SUV’s has gone back up.  The movement to better gas mileage cars is now just another craze gone by the wayside. 

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