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Football Great Tony Dungy and the Dealer For The People

September 27, 2012

Key Hyundai car business CT problem solversI read a lot, especially about leadership, and I just have to share the most amazing book, The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg and how it relates to life and business here at Key Hyundai.

There’s unbelievable discussion about Tony Dungy, the acclaimed football coach and Superbowl champion, that really hit home for me as a car dealer here in Connecticut.

The science behind Dungy’s coaching philosophy states that ordinary people with drive, grit and determination – and the right habits – can build a winning team.


That is exactly what we aim to do at Key Hyundai. We don’t hire sales people at Key Hyundai: we hire driven, like-minded solution providers and teach them our mission of providing solutions to all folks looking for nicer, newer cars!

Take a listen to this quick video about the power of habit, and how we encourage good solution providers at Key Hyundai:

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