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Huge Shout Out to One of Key Hyundai’s Best Customers

July 15, 2010

I got this email from one of our happy customers today.  It literally made my day!  They have bought four Hyundais from us at Key Hyundai in Manchester, CT.  A huge shout out to Kathy for taking the time out of her incredibly busy day to email me. 

Thanks to Key Hyundai's Special Customers

Dear Jill, Thanks for being so great.  My parents love you!   Actually my step-father, Craig Szwed, was in there yesterday for an oil change and he called me just because he thought of me.  He really said, “I’m sitting in your favorite dealership waiting for my oil change service and thought I give you a call”   How funny is that!  Whether he likes it or not he will think of me every time he gets his oil changed.   You know every month I am in there for an oil change and I can relate to my step-father.  Every time I walk in I am reminded of all the great experiences I have had there.  From buying my first Elantra in 2008 to the, winning the flat screen TV at the new owners party in 2008, to the caring, helpfulness of the staff when I walked in after having my car accident and then to buying my new 2010 Tucson.   In two years I have so many fond memories that will stay with me forever, and the memories are not of what happened but of how your staff made me feel.   I work in a Pharmacy were customer service is key.  (no pun intended)  Every day I speak to many ill people.  They don’t feel good and who knows if or when they will ever feel good, but the point is that no matter what mood the customer is in, they just want to be taken care of with a smile and feel like they are cared for.   “The customer my not remember what was said, but they will always remember they way they felt when it was said.”   You have trained your staff well.  I always feel like I’m someone important and that makes me feel good.  Thank you!

~ Kathy Duffy, Stafford Springs, CT

For more stories about Key Hyundai’s happy customers, check out http://www.hyundaictdealer.com/customer-testimonials.aspx or visit us at Key Hyundai, 21 Hartford Tpke, Vernon, CT.  We are located on Rt. 83 between Golf Land and Kohls.

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