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Key Hyundai customer tells all

May 16, 2016
Used car customer tells all about Key Hyundai

Friends refer friends to Key Hyundai when they need a helping hand.

So you need a car, but have no vehicle to trade, little down payment, and are frustrated at being ignored and insulted?

If you need a reliable, affordable car to get to and from work in Connecticut, drive your kids in carpool, and get on with your life, do yourself a favor and listen to a trusted friend.

Key Hyundai customer and friend, Mark from Shelton, was exactly that customer, and came to Key Hyundai looking for an automotive solution to get him on the road again.

What did the Key Hyundai team of automotive solutions providers offer?

Let Mark tell you, right here in this quick Nicer, Newer News video, on why he buys his cars at Key Hyundai, and sends his friends here as well:

Would you like to be in a Key Hyundai customer testimonial?

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