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Key Hyundai Urges You to Support Your Local Businesses

May 1, 2009

In these current economic times, the role of the small business in the local community has become ever so apparent.    I was thinking about it yesterday because I got a call from the South Windsor Lions Club looking for a sponsor for their hole and one at their annual golf tournament.   For years, Dillion Ford had been their sponsor and now that they went out of business, the Lions Club was desperate for someone else to take it on.  I willingly agreed to have Key Hyundai of Manchester help.  But, the reality is that without our Connecticut based customers buying new Hyundais, used Hyundais and servicing their Hyundai’s with us, we cannot help out local organizations like the Lions Club.   So, thank you to our customers for continuing to support Key Hyundai of Manchester.  There are so many local charities doing such great work.  I mean, imagine what we would do without the local fireworks, Cruisin’ on Main Street, the local food pantry, etc?  Believe me, these local organizations are not being supported by major corporate donors, they are being supported by local businesses and local community members.

I know first hand how difficult it is to get fundraising dollars out of major corporations.  When I do fundraising for Big Brothers Big Sisters, our bigger, corporate vendors never donate to local causes.  So, it’s up to small businesses, like Key Hyundai of Manchester to do the local donating.

Support local businesses like Key Hyundai of Manchester, so that we can continue to support our community.  Come to Key Hyundai of Manchester and ask directly for me, Jill Merriam Dulitsky, to see how easy it is to do business when the owner is in the house.  For more information on Key Hyundai’s community involvement, click here:


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