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Leadership Training Sessions at Key Hyundai

December 9, 2013

Readitfor.meI love to read, especially about leadership and business – which helps build a culture of learning at Key Hyundai! You might think I read about new and used cars, and selling, but that’s not helpful when building a business focused on providing solutions. The Key Hyundai team of solution providers know that providing solutions for each customer’s specific needs will build relationships and eventually, business. It’s not about selling; it’s never about selling.

This I know from reading the 100s of books and sharing insights with my team. But I know not everyone finds reading enjoyable, and often it becomes overwhelming to tackle such books. Read It For Me, is the most amazing tool, that has made reading fun for everyone!

Listen to my quick 2 minute Dealer For The People video to discover how we build strong leaders at Key Hyundai, using this great tool for non-readers, and how this lead almost immediately to positive contributions from our Key Hyundai team:

Leadership training sessions let me learn from our amazing employees, and allows me to share insights with our team! Win-win! Do you have any favorite leadership coaches or teachers that you admire? I’d love to hear about them! Write me at jillcares@keycars.com and share what you know!

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