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April 30, 2009

A few weeks ago, Channel 30 came to Key Hyundai of Manchester to film a spot about the Hyundai Assurance.  I never saw it on t.v. so I figured I missed it.  But, just a couple of nights ago, I was randomly watching the news when the spot featuring our dealership came on.  It was so cool!  Our business manager, Manny, was interviewed about the Hyundai Assurance program.  Channel 30 had many Hyundai dealerships to come to in Connecticut but they chose ours. We are very proud. This is the third live feed we’ve had on the Hyundai Assurance since it came out. If you are looking for a new Hyundai or a used Hyundai, please visit us on the web at www.driveworryfree.com or www.keycars.com. We service Hartford Hyundai buyers, Manchester Hyundai buyers, New Haven Hyundai buyers, Meriden Hyundai buyers and everywhere in between.

There is a video on the Channel 30 website but my weak tech skills are preventing me from figuring out how to get it into this post. So, check out the article the old-fashioned way – in writing.

Pink Slip Protection, WVIT Channel 30

In this tough economy, chances are you’re not looking to buy a new car or take a luxurious vacation. But a new trend might have you thinking otherwise.

Car manufacturers including Hyundai, Ford and General Motors are offering programs that pitch in when customers are in a pinch.
It’s called pink slip marketing and it’s aimed at getting consumers to spend big in tight times. Under the trend, some businesses now offer money back guarantees for people who spend big and then lose their jobs.

“From the consumer’s perspective, some kind of guarantee that if they lose their job they won’t have to pay the bill is a real incentive because it reduces the perceived risk in making the purchase,” Margery Steinberg, a marketing professor at the University of Hartford, said.

Car manufacturers including Hyundai, Ford and General Motors are offering programs that pitch in when customers are in a pinch.

Under the Hyundai Assurance Plan, the company will make your monthly payments for three months after getting the can. After that, if you’re still unable to afford the car, they’ll take your car back at market value and pay off your remaining loan up to $7,500.

At Key Hyundai of Manchester, customers are talking about the incentive, business manager Manny Gonzalez said.

“At times like this, what people are looking for is affordability, and a product like Hyundai is affordable,” Gonzalez said. “It has a very good warranty and now being backed up fully with the assurance makes it that much more solid.”

High-end clothier Jos. A. Bank is offering a risk-free suit deal for customers who purchased suits during its recent sale. Under the deal, the company will refund $199 to customers who purchased a suit but now find themselves out of work. The customers can also keep the suit.

If the economy is leaving you reluctant to travel, try shopping around for trip insurance. Some companies like Travel Guard, Apple Vacations and the Norwegian Cruise Line will now refund your money if you purchase insurance and then cancel after losing your job.

“It’s just a good thing for people and a smart move for the economy,” said Graham Hird, the owner of Copper Travels in Enfield.

According to Steinberg, such marketing trends are helping companies break even or turn a profit in this slow economy.

“The business that they’re driving by reducing the perceived risk overcomes some of the money that they’re going to have to pay out,” she said.

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