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Losing Your First Tooth and Other Firsts

September 30, 2010


A picture of the pillow after the tooth fairy visit.

One of the most important things to a six-year-old is losing a tooth.  As an adult, it’s hard to understand why it’s so important. Is it because everyone else has lost a tooth and you haven’t?  Is it because you’re excited about the tooth fairy?  Is it that every “first” is exciting?  When I think back to all the firsts in my life, they were all pretty exciting (keeping it Rated G).  I remember the first time I rode my bike.  I thought my Dad’s hands were still on the bike only to finally realize I was riding on my own.  I remember my first trip to Disney World.  I can still smell the Polynesian Hotel.  I thought I had been transported to paradise.  As a seven-year old, the Polynesian Hotel was the most luxurious place in the entire world.  My son, Brady, lost his first tooth yesterday.  He was so excited because not only did he lose it, but it lost it at school.  That meant he was able to walk like a proud peacock to the nurses office and get a “tooth necklace” to put it in.  His dream came true! 

  As a car dealer, one of the best “firsts” we can help people with is buying their first new car.  It is such an exciting experience!  At Key Hyundai, we have a first time car buyer program to help make the experience even easier.  If you are looking to buy your first car, a Hyundai is a great choice.  Not only do you get a lot of car for the money, you get the protection of America’s Best Warranty.  Our first time car buyer program allows you to qualify for competitive interest rates, even without established credit.  What could be better?  You get a reliable new Hyundai at a payment you can afford and opportunity to start your credit history on a positive note.  For more information on our first time buyer program, click this link and fill out this form.  Enter “first time buyer” in the comments field.

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