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Putting Some Disney Magic into the Car Business

August 13, 2012
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Bringing a little bit of Disney to Key Hyundai customers.

I just have to share an insight I have about how Disney is going to revolutionize the car business, and how we’re making that happen right here, right now at Key Hyundai.

Disney has the well-deserved reputation the happiest place on earth, and it’s obvious to everyone who has ever visited there.

What’s so remarkable about Disney is how everyone – and I do mean everyone – you run into is soooo, well, Disney! The thing is, they nurture and develop that behavior in their employees, and it shows.

Key Hyundai & Disney: Creating an On-Stage Performance for Customer Satisfaction

At Key Hyundai, we’re working on doing the same. Not the rides and lines and costumes, but we are dedicated to creating the Disney experience at every customer interaction.

Here’s how I plan to implement the Disney right here at Key Hyundai, and what it means for you.

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