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Should You Buy Gap Insurance for a Car?

July 1, 2013

Key Hyundai of Milford Key Hyundai of Manchester Jill MerriamThere are many products to consider when buying a new or used car from Key Hyundai of Milford, Key Hyundai of Manchester or any new or used car dealer in Connecticut. Often it’s confusing to determine what is a smart purchase, and what is a complete waste of time.

Here’s what you need to know about purchasing gap insurance for your brand new Hyundai or Key-certified pre-owned nicer newer car.

Key Hyundai solution providers can help you decide whether gap insurance is right for you, and don’t ever hesitate to ask our team to explain the minute details of additional products that may help make your car safe and fun to drive for as long as you wish to drive it.

Here’s my professional automotive Dealer For The People opinion on gap insurance. Take a listen: it’s less than two minutes to peace-of-mind:

There you have it: gap insurance is one of the best investments you can make when insuring your nicer, newer car. If you have any questions about this or any automotive concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me at jillcares@keycars.com or give our fanTAZtic solution providers a call at 1-800-450-1422. (No commitment, no sales push, just any automotive question answered to the best of our ability!)

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