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Should you negotiate on price or payment when buying a car?

March 18, 2019
Price and payment is like apples and oranges

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How do you get the better deal on a new or used car – negotiate sticker price or payment? What’s a Connecticut car buyer to do?

Jill Merriam, Dealer For The People at Key Cars of Connecticut, knows buying a new car is one of the largest investments a person will make.
How do you negotiate that purchase? Listen to Jill’s Nicer, Newer News video to find out whether you should negotiate on price or payment, and how to do just that:
Take a listen:

Whether payment or price, Key Cars automotive experts are ready to help you find a nicer, newer car.  Email us at wecare@keycars.com to put us to work for you, financing, buying, or servicing your nicer, newer car.

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