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The worst part about buying a car and what to do about it

April 3, 2017

Key Hyundai Connecticut car customerWhat is the worst part about shopping for a new or used car? When asked about the worst part of car buying, new and used car customers often say the same exact thing: the dreaded sales manager.

Actually, it’s when the salesperson leaves the customer to approach the sales manager in what seems to be an exclusive, secret meeting.

Frankly, there should be no “worst part” of buying a car and Jill Merriam, Dealer For The People at Connecticut’s Key Hyundai aims to fix that right now!

In this quick Nicer, Newer News video, Jill Merriam explains exactly what goes on at the sales manager’s desk, why the sales manager is located where he or she is on the sales room floor, and how to get rid of any angst to make the transaction smooth, flawless, and friendly.

Take a listen:

See? Not so painful after all!

If there’s anything that you want to know about the car buying, selling, or financing process, email Jill Merriam directly at jillcares@keycars.com. She will find an automotive solution for you!

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