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What to Know Before Buying a New or Used Car

December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving week has come and gone??? How did this happen? And now Black Friday shopping is behind us and everyone has holiday shopping on their minds and wallets – including CT car buyers looking for a nicer, newer car.

What is the #1 one thing you should do before ever going in to even look at new or used car at Key Hyundai of Milford or Key Hyundai of Manchester – or any car dealership in Connecticut?

There’s a couple things you should do before ever walking into a new or used CT car dealership to get the best car for your buck. When you know these simple things you can do yourself, before visiting Key Hyundai or any Hyundai new or used car lot, you can find a car.

Listen to the #1 thing to do before shopping for a car in this quick, 90 second video that can save you time, money, and frustration!

Your credit matters, and if you do one thing make it this: run a credit report on yourself and go car shopping armed with this valuable information. And do not worry at all if you have a bad credit history. Key Hyundai solution providers can help develop a concrete plan to get you on your way to better credit and find a car that meets your need.

Do you know your credit rating?

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