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Why Low Price Guarantee is a Bad Idea When Buying a Car

April 23, 2012

When car shopping for a new or used car at Key Hyundai in Milford, Fairfield Hyundai, Hartford or any car dealer in Connecticut (or anywhere at all), it is tempting to run to the nearest low price guarantee you hear advertised.

I’m Jill Merriam, and if you are even thinking about buying a car with a Low Price Guarantee to get you in the door, stop and listen to what I have to say about that.

Here’s why you should run away, not walk, when you hear promises of a Low Price Guarantee when shopping for a new or used car at any car dealership. In this video, I’ll tell you why Low Price Guarantee is more often than not a bait and switch scam-a-roo.


Promises, promises!

You hear about car dealers hawking Low Price Guarantee all the time: on the radio, in the papers, on tv – car dealers making promises they can’t keep: I know it, they know it, and now you’ll know it too!

There are plenty of reputable, fine, fine car dealer folks, but Low Price Guarantee is not part of that group, and here’s why:

My Nicer, Newer News with Jill Merriam Video will show you exactly why the low price ends up costing you a whole lot more.

Has this ever happened to you? If it does, don’t be afraid to walk away! Take the offer and go to a reputable dealer to get your nicer, newer car!

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