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How to Keep your Wiper Blades Working in Cold Weather

December 26, 2008

Every time we have snow, we get a lot of calls from Hyundai owners whose wiper blades have detached from the vehicle.  In this informative post, we hope to save you any trouble you might have from this. 

The wipers detach when they are forced to move heavy snow or ice.  it is a normal defense mechanism built into your wiper blade system to prevent the wiper motor from burning out.  In order to avoid this, make sure when we are expected snow or ice you:

1.  Always check to see that your wipers are off before you shut down your Hyundai.  If not, they will automatically turn on when you start your car.

2.  Physically lift your wipers up when you turn off your car.  This will stop them from getting buried under the snow and ice.

3.  Turn on your defroster when you start up your car.

4.  Scrape your windshield before turning on your wipers.

If you forget to take these precautions and your wipers detached from the vehicle, please feel free to stop on down.  It only takes a minute to fix and our technicians would be glad to do it for you free of charge.

Thanks and as always, safe driving!

For other service tips go to www.driveworryfree.com

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