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Key Hyundai explains: Your car is recalled, now what?

November 11, 2013

When you hear a recall on TV or the radio, do you panic? Do you ignore it?

What if the recall involves cars: specifically the car you or one of your friends or family members drive?

Recalls often make the TV news with lots of fanfare, and often with much reason. But are recalls always newsworthy? Do you know what to do if you hear about something you own being recalled on the evening news?

How exactly do items get determined for recalls – and specifically, automobiles?

Hi, it’s Jill Merriam, Dealer For The People, and I’ve made this quick Nicer, Newer News video explaining exactly what a recall is, how they are determined, and how dealerships respond quickly and accurately to help keep customers’ cars safe to drive.

Here’s two minutes of exactly what a recall is, and what you should do about it:

There you have it. Recalls keep your car safe to drive, and are determined in a very systematic, thorough manner. If your vehicle is ever recalled and you hear it on the news or receive a letter from Hyundai, give our service providers a call at 1-800-450-1422 and we’ll get you on the road ASAP!

Wishing you many safe and happy miles ahead!

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