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Why the VW scandal affects everyone

October 12, 2015

VWAs CT new and used car dealership Key Hyundai, I follow automotive news, but the VW news has hit the mainstream media just about every day recently.

The Volkswagen scandal has monopolized the news, and even though as the Hyundai Dealer For The People, I don’t own a VW, I can’t help but wonder if there’s something we can all do – as car lovers, car dealerships, automotive experts, and drivers – about emissions.

The VW news has me wondering, as the Dealer For The People and as a regular commuter driving to work, taking the kids to school, dance, baseball, and grocery shopping, what we can do to drive more efficiently – all of us, together. I’ve put together a quick, 2 minute Nicer, Newer News video with some ideas of how this scandal might be an eye opener for an entire industry, and maybe an entire community of drivers.

Take a listen:

What are your ideas to drive cleaner? I’d love to hear all about them at jillcares@keycars.com, and together, we can all clean up our air!

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