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Connecticut Growing Great Schools

July 21, 2014

growing great schoolsAs part of my Great Selfie Adventure Summer, as CT Dealer For The People, I am proud to highlight different local charities that Key Hyundai supports right here in our community!

While the CT growing season seems to be in full swing, here’s an amazing West Hartford charity that the solution providers at Key Hyundai, Connecticut’s #1 new and used Hyundai dealership, think is just terrific!

Growing Great Schools was started in West Hartford CT, and focuses on nutrition, eating locally, and encouraging children to become active participants in their own food choices. Here’s how why Key Hyundai supports the good work of Growing Great Schools in my quick Nicer, Newer News video:

Do you have a local charity you would like featured in the Great Selfie Adventure? Write me at jillcares@keycars.com and maybe I can feature your idea in a video!

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