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Hyundai introduces the Genesis Forest Project

January 23, 2009

Not only has the new Hyundai Genesis been named car of the year, it’s also eco-friendly! Through the Genesis Forest Project, Hyundai Motor America is supporting the conservation and creation of forests through a variety of channels by implementing one of the most unique and comprehensive carbon offset programs in the world.

Hyundai’s commitment includes:

  • Offsetting the carbon emissions of every new 2009 Genesis sold for its first full year on the road by supporting a reforestation and avoided deforestation project located in Brazil.
  • Enabling members of the Hyundai community, as well as interested individuals to calculate their carbon footprint and offset it by planting trees in the Genesis Forest Project.
  • Financially supporting the work of the Climate, Community, and Biodiversity Alliance in its mission to develop rigorous standards to validate projects with positive climate, community, and biodiversity impacts.
  • Sponsoring the Hyundai Climate Grants program to award three $35,000 grants to project developers to create new forestry carbon-offset projects designed to meet the Climate, Community, and Biodiversity Standards.
  • To learn more about Hyundai’s Genesis Forest Project, please visit http://hyundai.carbonfund.org. While visiting, you can also use the carbon calculator to figure out your carbon offsets and a donation amount that will help cancel out your emissions. Your contribution directly funds the planting of native trees to create high quality carbon reductions in the Genesis Forest in the heart of Brazil.

If you would like to test drive a Genesis and see what all the excitement is about, make sure to visit our showroom in Manchester, Ct, or schedule a test drive online.

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