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Impressed by Authenticity in Business and Life

March 5, 2012
Jill Merriam, Key Hyundai, Senator Blumenthal,

He came, he spoke, and impressed me and my brother Jeff by doing his homework on our business!

This is not a political endorsement, it’s just a simple observation from me, Jill Merriam, small business owner and Connecticut car dealer. A car dealer who is also an employer, mom, wife, daughter, tax payer, and active participant in life all around me.

If you recall, because I can’t stop crowing about it, we had our fantastic Grand Opening Celebration in Vernon, celebrating the culmination of 6 months and nearly $3 million for a complete renovation of Key Hyundai of Manchester.

We invited customers and employees, local dignitaries and community leaders, and the heavy hitters as well: congressmen and senators. I didn’t expect the big wigs to come, and most RSVP’d their congratulations and regrets for not attending.

Except Connecticut’s Senator Richard Blumenthal. He RSVP’d yes, or at least his people did, and low and behold, he showed up. With no people. With no posse, with no press. Just him. Wanting to check in and see if in fact, how it was going on Main Street.

This is one small business owner, one mom, one Connecticut car dealer who was quite impressed on his demeanor, his knowledge of not just business in Connecticut, but MY business, my family history in Connecticut. His lack of pretense, his authentic approach to spend time with me, my kids, my employees, and the customers was greatly appreciated.

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