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Defensive driving class in Connecticut

October 28, 2019

Defensive driving classes at CT racetrackWhether just learning, or if you’ve been on the road for decades, there’s always room for improvement when tackling the roads behind the wheel of a nicer, newer car.

No matter how good a driver you are – or think you are – there’s always room for improvement. Recently, Jill Merriam learned about an amazing opportunity to do just that, right here at a legit, real racetrack right here in Connecticut!

Jill Merriam, Dealer for the People at Key Cars of CT, is frazzled trying to navigate the super tough part of parenting when your kid gets their license, but recently learned of an awesome opportunity. While talking up first time drivers with a friend, she learned of an incredible opportunity to take a defensive driving class right here in CT.

Defensive driving is a GREAT idea for newbies, but couldn’t we all learn some tips on defensive driving? And wouldn’t it be awesome to take a spin around a real racetrack?

Listen to this quick, Nicer, Newer News video to learn where you can learn from the best of the best, and take a spin around a racetrack in CT!

Defensive driving isn’t just for beginners, and tracks aren’t just for racing!

Have you been to Limerock or do you know of classes like this? How did you navigate learning to drive — or teaching others? Tell Jill all about it at wecare@keycars.com because the day is fast approaching when Jill’s oldest will be taking the wheel and she could sure use your words of wisdom!

Happy driving!

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