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Learning how to survive teaches life skills

June 29, 2020

Learning survival mode teaches new lessons about life

A while back, Connecticut’s Dealer For The People made a quick video, highlighting when her husband Rob did something EXTRAORDINARY — something completely out of his comfort zone.

Have you ever pushed yourself to do something you never did before? It’s daunting – and brave and invigorating and scary.

This flashback Nicer, Newer News video is a throwback to when Jill’s husband Rob, stepped into the wild, and the experience proved to himself the AMAZING things he is capable of, even those he thought impossible.

Sounds familiar, right? In light of the pandemic, we’re all doing things we never thought possible. Some scary, some boring, some daunting, and yet CT is re-emerging — and right now, the future does indeed look bright.

Jill Merriam, Dealer For The People at Key Cars, knows these quarantine face-mask days are crazier than ever before. We’re all doing our best to figure out life post-COVID, and our dealership is adapting, our customers resilient, our solution providers going above and beyond every single day.

Watch this quick, two-minute Nicer, Newer News video recorded way back before our world was turned upside down, yet it rings truer today than ever before.

Listen and find out how Jill’s husband, Rob, stepped out of his comfort zone big time, and what he learned about himself:

What have you learned about yourself during this crazy COVID time? We’d love to hear your thoughts at wecare@keycars.com, and learn what you’ve been doing that is new, different, and perhaps brave during the quarantine.

Jill has learned that Connecticut is stronger than we ever thought possible and that her Key Cars team and customers are INCREDIBLE. Together we are proving to the entire country that resiliency and tenacity will beat this thing.

Here’s to a safe, happy summer, and a continued healthy outcome for all.

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