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Who is the Boss of the Dealer For The People?

February 27, 2013

www.keycars.comYou may think this Dealer For The People is bosslady around Key Hyundai, but you would be sadly mistaken.

The boss of Key Hyundai is you and only you: the people who shop here, service here, work here, and live in our communities.

We all report to you, and our Key Hyundai staff of solution providers curtail how we do business specific to the needs, problems, and issues CT car buyers face when shopping for a new or used vehicle to get you where you need to be.

That said, I do have a significant partner indispensable in creating the Key Hyundai culture of good cars, good community and good will here at Key Hyundai. My lesser known, solution providing teammate in Key Hyundai is my 50/50 business partner … and my 100% real life brother, Jeff Merriam.

Drum roll please ….. I’m proud to introduce you to my amazing brother and behind-the-scenes-solution-provider – Jeff Merriam!

I’m the public personality of Key Hyundai; the voice on the radio, on the showroom floor, and getting my hands dirty in service, while my brother Jeff is a quieter, bit shy, but oh-so-brilliant solution provider, laser-focused on Key Hyundai providing affordable, reliable, award-winning cars to the Connecticut community, and helping provide jobs to nearly 100 CT residents.

And I’m lucky enough to be his sister.

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