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Hyundai buys two spots in Superbowl

December 30, 2008

It’s that time of year when people start talking about the Super Bowl and the ads that will be on it.  Of course, here in Connecticut, with all of our beloved teams out of the race, we are probably all looking more forward to the parties and the commercials than the actual games.  I for one am glad that the Patriots aren’t in the running because I get my husband back on Sundays.  But, that’s purely selfish on my part. 

Anyways, this is supposed to be about Hyundai, right?  And, I just saw an article that Hyundai is going to promote the Genesis Coupe in the Super Bowl.  If you go to our website:  http://www.driveworryfree.com/genesis.html  we have some first hand coverage of the Genesis Coupe at the SEMA show in Vegas.  One of our Key Hyundai of Manchester salesman, Dustin, is such a gear head that he planned his vacation around the SEMA show.  Good thing his girlfriend is also into cars, right?

Anyways, here’s the article about the commercials.  We are excited to get the Genesis Coupe in a couple of months.  If you have any questions about it, Jon Buttero, our other resident gear head can be reached at jbuttero@driveworryfree.com

Article reprinted from Marketing Daily by Karl Greenberg


Hyundai Motor America is continuing its charge upmarket by promoting its forthcoming Genesis Coupe big-ticket TV events next year. The company, which launched the sedan version of the Genesis during the 2008 Super Bowl (and started selling the car last summer) will return to the Bowl to introduce the 2010 coupe version of the car.

The Fountain Valley, Calif.-based Korean automaker will show off the Genesis Coupe with two spots to air on NBC during the network’s coverage of Super Bowl XLIII, Feb. 1. The 30-second spots tout the car’s power and performance, with one of the spots featuring the cello stylings of Yo-Yo Ma.

Hyundai first advertised during the Super Bowl in 1989 when it launched the Sonata sedan. While it certainly makes sense to tout a mass-market vehicle like Sonata during the Bowl, one might argue that promoting a near-luxury performance coupe during the game is a bit like employing a 50-mile long drift net to catch three pounds of Fugu.

But other brands–including luxury brands–have used the Super Bowl as a grand stage to introduce luxury and sports cars. General Motors introduced the CTS nameplate during the game, and Audi launched its R8 sports car during the 2008 Bowl game. The Herndon, Va.-based company will advertise again on Super Bowl XLIII.

But Joel Ewanick, Hyundai’s VP/marketing, says the televised big-event tactic is both efficient and effective. “It gives you the opportunity to talk to Americans about new products; it’s effective for building brand awareness and equity, and for the introduction of a new model,” he says, adding that Genesis, as Hyundai’s flagship, merits such exposure.

“These vehicles–both of them–become an opportunity to give consumers a look in at the window at what’s happening with all Hyundai models; what’s happening on Genesis is true of vehicles like Santa Fe, Tucson, etc. These two vehicles give a hint and example of huge changes that have happened.”

The spots–via San Francisco-based Goodby, Silverstein and Partners–show the car being driven around the Road Atlanta course by racecar driver Rhys Millen, whose Rhys Millen Racing modified one of the 2010 Genesis Coupes for the 2008 Specialty Equipment Market Association show in Las Vegas.

The second spot uses the same footage, but with different music by a different artist. The media buy will be during the game’s first half.

Ewanick says both versions of the advertisement will air again during special-events programming next year, including the Feb. 22 ABC broadcast of the Academy Awards on ABC and other NFL games. Hyundai will also host an online contest asking consumers to edit their own version of the spot. Details will be announced after the Super Bowl.

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