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Truckload of Used Hyundais Coming to Key Hyundai in CT

April 20, 2009

At Key Hyundai of Manchester, CT’s new Hyundai and used Hyundai dealer, we have noticed a huge surge in used Hyundai business in the last month.  We actually have had to go out of state to buy used Hyundai’s for our CT used Hyundai buyer in order to get enough of them.  In the last two weeks we’ve brought truckloads of used Hyundais into CT from Las Vegas, Chicago and Pennsylvania.  And, we’ve sold over 20 of them in two weeks.  We ask ourselves, “is this increase in used car business due to a change in focus on our part or on the consumer’s part?”  I think the answer is both.  This is that funky time of year when the 2008 Hyundai inventory is all but sold down and the rebates aren’t strong enough yet on the 2009 new car inventory to drive volume.  So, we as dealers turn to selling used cars and the consumer sees the value in used cars.  It’s always amazing to me as a CT car dealer how well Economics 101 works – there is a supply and demand curve that meet in the middle based on price sensitivity.  With the advent of the Internet, today’s car shopper reacts much quicker to changes in pricing and changes in rebates.   You can click on the two links below to see our used car inventory in our Manchester Hyundai location and our Milford Hyundai location:



At Key Hyundai of Manchester and Key Hyundai of Milford, we serve the entire state of Connecticut for all your new Hyundai needs, used Hyundai needs and used car needs of all kinds. We are very proud of how we procure your used car, how we treat it once it’s here and how we price it. Check out all the details on our website at:


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