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Silver lining: driving less may save you more

September 14, 2020

Silver lining to pandemic: looking for bright spotBeing an optimist isn’t easy these days, but there’s a silver lining to the pandemic that might just lead to more green in your wallet.

Jill Merriam, Dealer For The People at Key Cars, has a silver lining attitude that sometimes gets teased, but this observation might just be a small way to save a little bit of money toward a rainy day. Or a non-pandemic day!

This Nicer, Newer News video shares how driving less could lead to saving more:

Staying home is effecting our driving habits, which in turn just might save us a little money. Or perhaps, a lot!

Are you driving less these days? Or have you discovered another bright side of this difficult time? Please share them with us at wecare@keycars.com, because we can all use a little more good news!

And if you need a nicer, newer car to help get you to where you need to be, Key Cars auto experts can help make that happen. Call, visit the brand new Key Cars website at  www.keycars.com, or stop by and say hello! All COVID19 safety precautions are in place, and we are here to help!

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